About us

The core idea of the company’s establishment was the desire to harness the resources of wild flora from the North-Western part of Romania.  Step by step, the company developed gradually and reached to hold large processing and storage facilities, high performance equipment and is working according to the quality standards in this field. Our operations comply with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. Our primary goal is to provide to our customers and consumers fruits and mushrooms of high quality, therefore the whole journey taken by berries and mushrooms from the forests up to delivery is carefully controlled, our company having alongside with the processing and storage facilities, also our own picking and transport network. Berries are delivered daily from our acquisition (picking) points with our own trucks to the cold stores located in Criseni, Salaj County.  Here berries and mushrooms are received, primary sorted, frozen, mechanically sorted and packed for delivery.

Our annual production capacity is 800-1000 tons, from the most species of wild berries: blueberry, lingonberries, raspberries, blackberries, rosehips, sloes, hawthorn, strawberry, elderberry, rowanberry and mushrooms: boletus, chanterelle.


The main processing method is freezing, but on request we can also offer fresh berries during the harvest season and also dried wild mushrooms.

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